About Us

Equiskill.com was started up in the year 2015 as an Analytics' learning and connecting platform. The founders have extensive experience in Fortune 100 companies like Amazon.com, Texas Instruments, Target Inc. and Citibank Analytics.

Meet the team

Amit Upadhyay

Amit founded Equiskill Insights.
He worked as a VP at Citi Analytics and Insight and at Amazon.
Amit speaks at ML / AI summits like DIA, SCDM and Data Science Summit in his free time.

Amit Singh

Amit Singh is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus and has worked 10+ years across India and the UK.
He has deep E-Commerce and M-commerce experience.
He leads Data Science Solutions at Equiskill.

Vinay Shekhar

Vinay is an AI expert from with 18 research papers and 2 patents cited globally on Google Scholar.
Vinay builds AI products at Equiskill