Our Offerings

Business Dashboards and Insights

Connect your data and get right into facts and insights

Data Integration

On-board Data across from multiple systems
and sources to build robust Analytics and Business KPI
to measure the success of your business

Advanced Dashboard

View your Business with Custom Dashboards with views
and drill-downs designed for your unique business needs

Automated Reporting

Automate reporting for all stakeholders
and reduce reporting workload, focus on
up-selling and analysis to reduce cost.

Real – time critical event alerts

Never miss events like Sales Spikes, Dips,
Customer Conversions, Inventory stock-outs and more. Act before time, real-time

Computer Vision

Faster and hassle-free verification for everything from faces to ID’s and number plates

Vehicle Plate Recognition API

Track vehicles, ensure drivers and agents reach
vehicles on time with our Vehicle API.
Prevent Fraudulent or abusive business transactions

ID Recognition tool

Extract information from common ID's such as Passport,
Driving licence and other Government ID's.
Auto-fill forms to save time and boost productivity

Robotic Process Automation

Data extraction and real-time validation from documents, ID’s, and images without errors!

Data Entry Automation

Enabling Excel users to use macros for faster and accurate
business data processing and easily integrate with ERP platforms

Automating Bank Reconciliations

Solution to assist with the transaction matching element of bank reconciliations.
Automates rules-based processes with the help of macros

Customer Engagement & Fulfillment Analytics

Identify pain points in complex customer journeys. Improve retention, supply chain and profits!

Business Operation Analysis

Optimize customer experience by solving real-world challenges,
providing real-time metrics and help the business
to provide better user experience

RFM and Cohort Analysis

Capturing customer behaviors and experiences to gain
business insights needed to improve revenue management
and to construct effective pricing strategies

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